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Wake Up call for Indian Consumers

CERC has started consumer grievance helpline – 1800-233-0222. This helpline is toll free for BSNL Gujarat users.

This is really a welcome step by CERC in association with Consumer Affairs, Government of Gujarat. This helpline is available from 10.30 AM to 5.30 PM as per IST. (GMT +530)

CERC is very reputed non profit NGO serving and solving sonsumer complaints / grievance for its members. Its membership detail is here. You can become member by paying online instead.

To add few lines about the organisation’s prestigeous standing I can summarise few of my experiences:

  • When Vodafone Essar was Hutch, in undisclosed billed amount about Rs.500 for my postpaid mobile connection, I requested for justification and company ignored. I stopped using mobile services by paying genuine amount along with accounting statement which was genuine. Later, the company sent a legal notice that drove me to CERC. I have been member since then. CERC did some correspondance on my behalf. Company failed to respond and that proved the legal notice was no more legally valid or important!

  • HP refused to replace damaged front panel, damaged due to its design defect. Legally and as per company’s terms it is possible to replace such parts under cosmetic damaged parts category. Again, approaching CERC solved, front panel get replaced without any legal procedure.

  • In the matter of unsolicited call from ICICI Bank, I did some correspondence with bank and just by sending copy of the same to CERC taught the bank. The bank sent letter of forgiveness through courier!

Some points about CERC:

  • Complaint department listens and guides to complaint very genuinly. Consumer can feel free to express whatever his / her experience is / was.

  • Complaint department has very systemetic approach from receiving and registering complaints from its members to dealing with associated parties / business houses.

  • Genuine complaint can be registered through email to CERC as well. CERC’s method for dealing with non local complaint is really appreciative.

  • Insight, a bimonthly magazine from CERC is really worth to read. It is a leading publication in India for consumer awareness.

  • One membership serves complaint registered by his / her family members. (of course, not a joint family! :P)

  • Membership fees are normal or perhaps nominal for the kind of activities CERC does.

  • Most importantly, an Indian can be a member, get free Insight magazine and register for grievance too.

  • Different consumer product surveys carried & published by CERC are added advantage for consumers.

I highly recommend to become member of CERC, to boost its activities, to have Insight knowledge of consumer laws and if required to solve your complaints being a consumer.

Bus time table – an SMS away!

GSRTC has already started time table (schedule) search service by SMS since August, 2007.
I also had heard about this, but haven’t come across more details.

Today I found two things:
1. Time Table and other services are available online, through GSRTC website.
2. You can search buses running between <source> and destination by sending an SMS : <type> <source> to <destination> : to 09998805656.

<type> may be either of following
– ignore this field if you wish to find any kind of bus.
– luxury

e.g. ahmedabad to baroda send to 09998805656
or luxury ahmedabad to anand to 09998805656

If you know exact and more details about the SMS format, feel free to share.

The SMS service is really very useful and is very prompt. Also, being an SMS, gives most immediate 5 bus routes belonging to <source> to <destination> based on the time SMS was sent.

I highly appreciate this way to promote public transport. The idea is simply superb.

IT Managers

I have come across a few managers, in IT industry. Although I do not like theories of management much, but still I believe there is some scientific and psychological truth is there.

Here I am not writing these theories, but expressing how an action can give positive or negative reaction. Of course, this post had been saved as draft quiet a long time ago, now draft is in the form of new post.

Few managers tend to act being a superior authority. They often forget basic fundamentals of successful management – punctualness, responsiveness and co-operativeness, etc.

Few lac attitude of encouragement. I have observed at many places that lac of encouragement decreases the throughput of a single person at major level. This can be even more in mass. Managers are meant to get the work done, smartly.

Torturing behavior also affects output. Often, these situation arises when managers fail (of course, themselves) to understand what the subordinates thinks like. They fail to catch opportunities to have co-workers’ and subordinates’ views. These situations often end in harsh behavior or chaotic situations at worse.

‘Psycho’ manager often forgets that subordinate is after all a human being, a social animal, a creature! (This statement reminds me of someone, I interacted with during my last phase of Post Grad study!!! :p)

Managers should not be damagers!

Also, I have seen few managers who are really down to Earth, although being at management cum technical level.

Simple encouragement pours enthusiasm to juniors, subordinates and co-workers too!

Regular feedback and interation between IT managers and colleagues often reduces some pressure about achieving targets.

Also, more the freedom given to the employees (of course, with control),  better the output is  Any how, employees also need to manage their tasks!

A golden line that I believe – a true manager is a person with whom no subordinate feels aftraid of to interact, anytime. This makes sense when interaction increases to solve problems, with less efforts.

Jewel of India says…

Here is a letter of one of the famous Indian visionary businessman:

Ratan Tata’s Letter After Financial Crisis

Publish at Scribd or explore others:

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Or visit

A journey from the land of Mahatma in 20th Century to the land of Mahatma in 18th Century

Saint Mahavir & follower saints of 18th century were born in Bihar of today and M.K. Gandhi born in Gujarat of today! We discovered few places during our journey from far West in India to far East of India – from Ahmedabad Junction to Durg (and further) Junction!

Durg in Chhattisgarh was a main station from where eastern journey began.

Nagpuraa a.k.a. Uvasaggaram is a holy place, 18 KM away from Durg – is famous for typical footprints of Lord Parshwanath.

Maadhupur Junction, a station of Bihar state is connected by train to Durg. Riju Vatika is a next place in the journey – is a place where Lord Mahavira did penance, is little away from Maadhupur.

Shikharji a.k.a. Madhuban is just 15 to 20 KMs away from Riju Vatika. This is a major landmark in the journey.
This is the most important temple for the Jains. Unfortunately the overall architecture of buildings at the base – Madhuban jain campus started giving glimpses of peaks!

The very next day – from the day we reached there, we started walking on the mountain range in early morning.

The climbing cum walking cum rolling – whatever you call was a real challenge. It’s great that we all (except my mom!) reached on our (own) feet to major peaks – Gautam Swaami’s peak, Jal Mandir, Paarasnaath’s peak.

Climbers - "Mountaineering"

Climbers -

Of course, we did not go up to last peak which is the toughest of all, and is risky.

Generally, as per the tradition, a peak on the mountain range is famous for one or other saint – living ascetic life. I was expecting quite quiet and cleanliness as per Jainism. The lack of management (actually some dispute between the Shwetambars, the Digambars & the Government as inactively-acting management authority) totally disappointed me. Even there was no place to sit a side due to heavy rush of a pilgrims, forget cleanliness!

The distance is as under:
From base to Jal Mandir – appx. 9 KMs
From Jal Mandir to Paarasnaath’s peak – appx. 3 KMs
From Parasnath’s peak to base – appx. 12 KMs

Hats off to those local laborers pulling Dolis.
A funny talk that we listen during this pilgrimage – if a Doli is pulled with 2 bamboos, it is called as 4 wheeler, since 4 persons required and if is pulled with single bamboo stick, it’s 2 wheeler!!!!

4 Wheeler Doli

4 Wheeler Doli

Bhaagalpur was a town next in the journey. Roads up to the station were giving us feelings as if they were built in 20th century – or never built!

Champaapuri next to Bhaagalpur is known for another Jain temple.

Lachchhavaad, one of tribal villages of Bihar has another Jain temple. Next, was Guniyaaji a.k.a. Nawaadaa – again a Jain temple.

Paavaapuri was another famous place in our route. Of course, I had been to replica of Paawaapuri in Rajasthan before this. So I did not find it much pleasant!! However, compared to most of previous stations, it was like a modern town for us!! There, situated few places important in Jianism.

Next, in sequence was a worldwide famous – a historic place, I was much awaiting for. It was Naalandaa. The meaning is ‘the one gives knowledge, a university’. It means in Sanskrit – Naalam (lotus, a symbol of knowledge) + Daa, to give. What a great meaning it carries!
It is famous for dilapidated building of the ancient university and Buddhist statues. The university was built thrice in 3 centuries, according to the guides. And of course, as it happened in Indian history, later destroyed. The site presently available for visitors is the result of a lot of minute digging work, which has been carried out since a long.



It was quiet funny, to observe that this historic place was much developed if we compare ratio of Bihar’s overall development v/s Naalandaa. The hidden reason is that the site is developed and maintained by Archaeological Survey of India, Indian Government!
In short, few points about this knowledge city in ancient times really impressed – what a rich knowledge Indian carries since past. A sentence that I heard (since it’s hard to believe) was that, when the university was destroyed, the books (of course, typical hand-written notes in that time) were burning for six months!
The museum is also very good.

Last destination of journey was Raajgir a.k.a. Raajgruhi. It appeared quiet congested because of heavy rush of pilgrims.

We boarded train for return journey from Kodarmaa a.k.a. Jhumri-Telaiyaa, Telaiyaa from Jharkhand.


Litti-Chauka – a mixture, a traditional and healthy food.

Litti-Chauka – a mixture, a traditional and healthy food.

Sattu Paraathaa, made from Sattu

Sattu Paraathaa, made from Sattu





Yes, it’s orange left side and lump of pulp orange!

I also agree that roots of Jainism and Buddhism are similar. Philosophy of both are driving to similar way, perhaps in different fashion.

In short the journey was good as we did not need to fight any major difficulties.
The lifestyle of Bihari villagers taught me why they can fit to any place in India – whether its Mumbai or Surat! Worst style of living in Mumbai Chalis / huts may be better (and perhaps luxurious, too) then Bihari villager’s normal living. Plus, there isn’t any significant development in almost any area (except politics!!) in Bihar. So educated people from Bihar do not stay or settle at their hometown – and they prefer to move to developing cities / towns. The only developed occupation is labor – be it pulling Dolis or any contract based work!
Also, quality of internal roads in Bihar is quite bad – rather there were no roads! In short, all above is the result of lack of development – interest for development.

A tribal village & hut

A tribal village & hut

Another hut

Another hut

Another important requirement for development – electricity has not reached many villages, yet. Or at most places, it’s very less as compared to consumptions. So load shedding is there almost everywhere!

Jharkhand, a departed state from Bihar found to be little developed then Bihar. Quality of road was better then of Bihar!

A general opinion that we heard during return journey from Bihar was quiet amazing – any train originating / passing through Bhiar always gets late – due to chain pulling and feeling like home of Railway Department!!!

I strongly favor for implementing DST – Daylight Saving Time. The approximate difference between West and East India is 1 hour & 30 minutes, which costs a lot to the nation.

I am sorry if I discouraged you since I haven’t written much details related to places and Jainism.

More photos are here
If you liked photos, congratulate my dad, not me!!!!

Bhai Sahab Nahi Lagega

It has been never forgetful experience since we have / had subscribed BSNL services. Whether it’s mobile or Internet (Broadband – rarely on!).

Therefore we pronounce full form of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited as Bhai Sahab Nahi Lagegaa (Sir, It won’t get connected)!!

Although it is the pioneer behind all telecommunication services, I guess the management needs to be improved, learn something from others.

Although it has wide (or perhaps most) coverage in all senses, it’s not being utilised.

Recently the management has appointed third parties for their services and fault resolution for broadband. However, due to lack of power, those third parties seem helpless. The higher management is still the same one. Of course, it’s not that BSNL does not have skilled manpower. My personal experience with higher level personel is quite good.

Many times mobile network of BSNL gets congusted, you cannot reach a person even in case of emergency. Internet services had been quiet good few months back. But now a days they have sever technical issue that has not been solved yet. Almost every 5 minute, the Broadband service (DataOne) gets disconnected or very slow like dial-up and reconnected! Accroding to TRAI, it is not true Broadband – always on.

I just hope for better management so that we feel pround of an truely Indian (yes 100% Indian) service provider with maximum privillages!

I missed it!

Today i ‘notice’ one mandatory requirement which is there in almost any application procedure at most places.

I forgot to attach and send photocopy of marksheet for final – convocation. It’s quite amazing. Why does my university require this? The same institution has declared results and given marksheets. It’s on their records. (that too computerised!!!) Yet, the university expects photocopy of the same.

Is it because somebody might have applied on behalf of someone, and earned a (fake) degree, in past? My LR (Logical Reasoning) ability is very weak in this. Can anyone help??!

I feel some unique reference number (like Bank account no in case of core banking service) or Permanent Registration No. Is sufficient. What do you say?

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