About my blog

My friend inspired me to start blogging. In initial days, there were only two intentions behind starting -backup and sharing of my technical exploration, may be from websites or from other resource; and the other one was to express what I experience, what I think, what I feel is good to share.

Later, it has become fun. Not once or twice, blogs have been very helpful in solving technical problems and gaining knowledge. This is another factor, I continue to blog. It happened N number of times that a blog helped to solve some technical problem, that perhaps original documentation made little complex.

And, suddenly I realised, my blog is not just limited to my personal backup now! 😉

About me

I am a simple creature on the Earth who enjoys life. I am a Flex & RIA developer by profession,open source evangelist. I love to explore and experiment with new software applications. A kinda addicted to web and Internet! 😀

I live in the Manchester of the East, Ahmedabad. City belongs in tier 2 in terms of IT development all across India is a ray of hope for me. I am proud to be an alumni of C N Vidyalaya, Ahmedabad known as Shantiniketan of Western India. I have special attachment with the Oxford of East, Pune  since I have spent two years for my post graduation study. I still dream to be there!

I love to listen to Indian Classical, Indian Film, selected Hindi Pop Album music.

Sun (now oracle) Java, Adobe Flex / AIR, PHP etc. are my preferable technologies, languages.

  1. JAIN Jayesh Raisklal Mehta

    Jai Jinendra Harit,

    The travelogue – (Similar to Pravas Gatharia of Chandrakant Baxi, hope I remember the correct author name) with beautiful photographs allowed me to visualise and being there feeling.
    Please keep it up.

  2. Thank you very much. 🙂

  3. Like your approach to life, good luck!

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