3 ways to get control in Flex over user input through Keyboard

1. Use of restrict property. The following example allows only numeric input

<mx:TextInput id="textInput" restrict="0-9\-" />

2. Use of unicodeRange style property inside CSS (stylesheet) while embedding fonts. The following example restricts all special symbols except period sign(.).

fontFamily: myFontFamily;
flashType: true;
U 0041-U 005A, /* Upper-Case [A..Z] */
U 0061-U 007A, /* Lower-Case a-z */
U 0030-U 0039, /* Numbers [0..9] */
U 002E-U 002E; /* Period [.] */

3. Use of Flex built in validator components. Following example calls handleValid and makes it sure that user does not leave inputComponent blank.

<mx:Validator id="reqValid" required="true" source="{inputComponent}" property="text" valid="handleValid(event)" invalid="handleValid(event)"/>

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