This is yet another post, to clarify a major difference about a wrong or incomplete information. This is about LPG Cylinders, widely used.

E-mail with following content is spreading at higher speed than the myth, or undeclared clarification about the same.

Here is what the incomplete e-mail reads like:

Have U ever heard about LPG gas cylinder’s expiry date….!!

I also didn’t know how to find LPG cylinder’s expiry date? Expired Cylinders are not safe for use and may cause accidents. In this regard please be cautious at the time of accepting any LPG cylinder from the Vendor.

Here is how we can check the expiry of LPG cylinders:

On one of three side stems of the cylinder, the expiry date is coded alpha numerically as follows A or B or C or D and some two digit number following this e.g. D06.

The alphabets stand for quarters –

1. A for March (First Qtr),

2. B for June (Second Qtr),

3. C for Sept (Third Qtr),

4. D for December (Fourth Qtr).

The digits stand for the year till it is valid. Hence D06 would mean December qtr of 2006.

Please Return Back the Cylinder that you get with a Expiry Date, they are prone to Leak and other Hazardous accidents

Of course, the content is partially correct. However, it is incomplete!!

In an FAQ, Indian Oil Corporation says,

In any case, this is not the date of EXPIRY of PHYSICAL LIFE of the CYLINDER .

It is further clarified that, during service, every empty LPG cylinder when it comes from the Distributor to the Bottling Plant for filling, is checked for its condition including the marked date for Statutory Testing due. Cylinders due for testing are segregated and sent for testing.

This seems more logical.

Thus, I can conclude that in case the date period mentioned on cylinder is passed, it is better to be sent for effective testing, not just sent to trash.

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