Confusion cleared

Yesterday night we were discussing about BSNL’s tariff change for ‘Lo Kar Lo Baat 111’ an added facility plan for landline users.

BSNL Gujarat circle has changed LKLB 111 to either of 2 selectable plans with different monthly rents.

As per my myth, any provider cannot modify (or increase rate in) plan structure for existing cutomers. Even provider cannot stop the plan and force subscriber to opt for another.

But no, TRAI says…

A tariff plan once offered by a service provider shall be available to a subscriber for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of his enrolment into that tariff plan. During this 6 months period, the service provider is free to reduce the tariff; but increase in any item of tariff in the plan is not permitted. However, the subscriber is free to choose any other tariff plan even during the 6 months period.” Visit this.

So, BSNL is legally allowed to make such changes since the LKLB 111 was no more for new customers from December 25,2007.

This is how TRAI also favors service providers, not just subscribers.

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