India or Maharashtra + North India?

Notice : Since this is a controversial article, I welcome comments. However the comment should be meaningful & written in polish language. I need to write this after receiving a comment with ambiguous meaning. The fellow expressed nothing but anger and did not dare to write his / her actual email ID!

Of course, this is just to express what I thought. Neither I am a politician, nor I take much interest in politics.

The MNS party is raising an issue that due to migrants in Mumbai & Maharashtra, the original local people does not get basic privileges, jobs etc. etc. If this is a valid reason to debate, the roots are straight forward – those migrants are really hardworking (or rather struggling) who are ready to work with lower pay – to work harder to get their bread and butter.

May be, but does the actual – originally Maharashtrian people less sufficient? I don’t think so.

Apart from Maharashtrian efficiency there is another point to think about. Many of us are used to with Chinese goods. Why? Because they are cheaper – easily available. Can we and MNS start any campaign against these items? If we can stop ourselves from using Chinese items, Indian items’ sale will automatically raise. Same is the case with North Indians in Maharashtra – like Chinese items in India. Important is Indians should get work, no matter where he or she is from. By using Chinese items, China will go ahead, not India. If we start using Indian items, those manufacturing units will work hard, more people will get jobs. Picture is quite clear.

We should feel proud that due to hardworking people & their contribution, Maharashtra is developing very fast and is economic capital, why should we distinguish them by their native??

States and regions in India are just for easy management & administration of the country, not to divide the country. Remember what Sardar Patel did immediately after independence!

Jai Hind!

  1. congrats Harit.. very very true.. well ideally…. i dunno where u from but guess u havent bn really working losely with North Indian ( minus delhi, J&K, HImachal, hariyana. hope spellin is corret… Rajasthan) Man if u hapen to se what well so called Bihari do after settle down in West india. I hope u agree with me that there is no law and order in Bihar and some part of UP. what real;ly these ppl do is creat Mini UP and Bihar and take law in hand like they do in their respective states. they are really nuisance to the civilised society. If u really dont curb the migrations, u are turning all india in to lawless Bihar and UP. After so much of a hue and cry by the North Indian politicians, i am yet to hear so called NI leader say they will imporve the living standard in the Bihar and UP. They all putting hole effort to celebrate CHATT puja in Mumbai but if they really put same efforts to better BIHAR and UP guess it will help them more. Man, the government has done nothing to develop the states. Guess them leaders wants to enjoy life playing comunal politics and let other part of indian state government work hard to create jobs for Biharis.

    well this is my opinion.

    Beggers cant be choosers.

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