Indian Telecom Industry

Is Indian telecom industry ready to go for 3G? Probably not.

It is a very controversial topic that has already been discussed.  Basically 3G is advancement in terms of services via means of telecommunication. This includes EDGE, wi-fi, broadband etc. in different context, different manners. Whole world knows that 2G technology (basic mobile and phone services) is booming sector in India that too is offering lowest call rates.

Then what affects whom?

Its simple, Indian telecom providers have established networks, they are expanding them, not advancing.  Therefore it lacks basic support. That does not exactly mean troubleshooting. My personal experience says that all are ready to sell services, but not to maintain them. Some facilities like provider migration without number change, customer oriented services are basic essentials that perhaps no provider has maintained / interested in.  Therefore India has, in my way, two types of customers:

  1. Those who need to continue with the same number, facing any / all troubles with the provider.
  2. Those who do not care about number change, ready to switch provider in any conflict!

One important comment about BSNL, a nation wide service provider is that it has launched services later, but is providing comparative good support, though its old government style is in practice is there! Of course, BSNL is not considerable to utilize its infrastructure, manpower fully. The reasons include many controversial and some commercial issues.

Why the situation is like this?

It seems particular Indian tendency: just start anything, do not look after it to improve.  Whether its Railways, Telecom or Agriculture. Railways network is ‘gift’ from the British rulers. The department is expanding the network and maintaining up to expected level. But is not enhancing / modernizing it in today’s competitive world.

The same is there with agriculture. Even IIMs have designed agro-business degree courses. But still this field is taken as ‘rural’ issue. Of course, few corporate have understood the value of Indian culture and today’s corporate culture. Its hope to see development in future.

Similarly, Telecom industry, once network is established, even failed to provide relevant services with customer needs. First, it has to recover from this disease, and then can think for spectrum war and 3G adoption!

  1. Hi ,

    I happened to read your blog here, and i must in most places where you could have given more insight you have shied away from it by saying the reason are “controversial”.

    I, personally, do not agree to the fact that the Telecom Sector in India is not advancing. Going by the curve which an industry takes, it looks like to me Indian telcos are actually on the correct trend.

    At the same time , what you also seem to have forgotten is that technologies which you mention are “bare necessity” were made available by telcos only when the govts of those countries, where they exist, took the step to enforce them. So you cannot blame the telcos directly for this. Finally, about the govt itself , as i understand from the newspapers TRAI is already discussing the issue of number portability… so its not very far.

    Finally, Telecom is an industry which has progressed only in the last 10 years in India. So its still to reach its full maturity in India, which it will as part of the natural progress.

  2. Hi Sandeep,

    You may be right at certain points. But, please consider following:

    Bare necessities are always changing. These days, broadband or
    GPRS/EDGE can be considered as necessity! This is not implemented in

    About the number portability, no provider is supporting since many are
    going to loose their customer base due to customer dissatisfaction.
    TRAI is trying for the same at least from 1/1.5 years (as per my
    knowledge), and has not been significantly progressed!

    I haven’t tried to hide anything by saying controversial points. The
    only reason was lac of authentic information availability and some
    spectrum was that is still going on. So I cannot declare anything
    strongly. Of course, I don’t want to involve in any kind of public
    controversy – so I avoided those.

    Increasing customer base is not only benchmark in progress, as per my
    knowledge. Technology should also advance with keeping pace with time!
    I agree, the level India has reached within 10 years is acceptably good!

    Have a good day!

  3. So true! They wants customer at any cost (offering unbelievable offers etc) and don’t want to maintain existing customers. In this case, only threat to change provider works fine (In my all cases with Tata Indicom/Internet) 😛

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