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A Deewar dialogue between IT guys

Today evening I was chatting with my colleagues in break time.
Suddenly one of them said something and I created an IT version of famous Hindi movie – Deewar. This makes more sense during present scenario of recession.

Amitabh Bachchan : “Mere paas…
4 GB RAM hai,
3MB L2, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz ka Intel Core2 Duo processor hai,
21″ LCD Monitor hai,
300GH ki Hard Disk hai,
Logitech ka Optical mouse hai,
LightScribe aur BlueRay waalaa DVD writer hai,

Flex Builder 3 ka license hai,
Windows Vista ka license hai,
4MBPS ka Internet connection hai,

Tumhare paas kya hai?

Shashi Kapoor : “Mere paas nayaa project hai!

IT Managers

I have come across a few managers, in IT industry. Although I do not like theories of management much, but still I believe there is some scientific and psychological truth is there.

Here I am not writing these theories, but expressing how an action can give positive or negative reaction. Of course, this post had been saved as draft quiet a long time ago, now draft is in the form of new post.

Few managers tend to act being a superior authority. They often forget basic fundamentals of successful management – punctualness, responsiveness and co-operativeness, etc.

Few lac attitude of encouragement. I have observed at many places that lac of encouragement decreases the throughput of a single person at major level. This can be even more in mass. Managers are meant to get the work done, smartly.

Torturing behavior also affects output. Often, these situation arises when managers fail (of course, themselves) to understand what the subordinates thinks like. They fail to catch opportunities to have co-workers’ and subordinates’ views. These situations often end in harsh behavior or chaotic situations at worse.

‘Psycho’ manager often forgets that subordinate is after all a human being, a social animal, a creature! (This statement reminds me of someone, I interacted with during my last phase of Post Grad study!!! :p)

Managers should not be damagers!

Also, I have seen few managers who are really down to Earth, although being at management cum technical level.

Simple encouragement pours enthusiasm to juniors, subordinates and co-workers too!

Regular feedback and interation between IT managers and colleagues often reduces some pressure about achieving targets.

Also, more the freedom given to the employees (of course, with control),  better the output is  Any how, employees also need to manage their tasks!

A golden line that I believe – a true manager is a person with whom no subordinate feels aftraid of to interact, anytime. This makes sense when interaction increases to solve problems, with less efforts.

IT practices

This is a real incident happened with one of my friends during his college placement.

Raju Shastri, student of a reputed institute in outskirts of Pune.
On a working day evening a ring goes to Raju Shastri’s cell phone. He is asked to go to TelSoft, a Pune based IT company, to appear for his second round of interview. On next day in afternoon, after clearing 2 elimination rounds including an aptitude test and a basic interview at college campus.
Raju reaches to the venue five minutes early than said time. The interview takes place in time. Raju talks to the HR after the interview. Komal (the HR of TelSoft) says that Raju has cleared the interview. She asks him again to come for next interview with team lead.
Raju again reaches to the company place in time; again, interviewed. It takes around half hour! So naturally, the candidate’s expectation increases. And yes, up to his expectations, the HR says that he has cleared that round of interview. But again, asks to come for last round of technical interview with the project manager. (Who, is better known as project damager!)
The hope of sun rises next morning. Raju goes to the same company with big dreams in mind. Appears for the ‘last’ interview. And yes, like a quick goal in football tournament, Komal asks to meet, Raju enters the meeting room. HR smiles and wishes him – ‘Congratulations Raju!’ the HR continues, ‘I will soon have a meeting with CEO, and will finalise your selection. But, I promise, you are 99% selected!’
He could not interpret ‘99%’! But, he goes home with smiling face!

He has no idea about the meeting process, how long will it go. Almost 4 weeks passed. No response from TelSoft even after such a long time!
Isn’t it something unusual? It might be, but who can do anything, when the finaliser committee ‘doesn’t do anything’?

An unfortunate end comes when Raju calls the Komal, the HR. Even at that time the response is – ‘We don’t require more people’!!
Naturally, few thoughts are bubbling in Raju’s mind…
Why did TelSoft come to campus? Why did they ‘waste’ their and my time in interviewing and testing my skills? Is it professionalism?

This is just an attempt to make people aware about some wrong practices going in IT industry; that too in good companies. It makes sense if we consider such scenarios and react accordingly. Of course, the incident was happened in mid 2007, so India was not facing recession at that time!

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