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Chrome and popup policy

Google Chrome has different policy to detect and block popup window.

Generally, a browser blocks popup if it’s automated, i.e. with some JavaScript call on page load or so. Moreover the way state of popup can be known by browsers using JavaScript only.

Chrome is bit smarter in this.

window.open(); is expected to return reference to opened popup window, or null / undefined if popup is blocked.

But, chrome holds reference of so called popup as non null value and still blocks popup.

Below snippet is perfect example to test:

<script language="JavaScript">
function showpopup()
	setTimeout ( "showpopupAfterTime();", 1000 );

function showpopupAfterTime()
 var popwin = window.open("http://harit.kotharee.com/", "popupwindow",

<a href="javascript:showpopup()">Click for a pop-up window!</a>

Chrome allows popup only if opened directly, i.e. without any kind of delay through JavaScript or any other means of delay.

So, in the above example, it will work only if showpopupAfterTime(); is called on hyperlink!

Email – search engine – result as Email

Few services are emerging as a solution to few problems:

  • Organizations ban some search engines, or access is very limited

  • We often forget what query result was, or sometimes just links are stored – result links

Limited access, or no direct access to search is the primary reason behind evolution of these services those essentially function as under:

  • Compose simple email with search parameters as subject line, or similar format as per service website. Most do not require any body message.

    Send the email to specific email address.

  • Get the search results as consolidated email directly in inbox! Yes, this is smart auto responder service.

This is very simple yet useful service, and may emerge as web services for company’s intranet search engines to be indirectly connected to giant search engines.

Here are two such services:

  1. SnapAsk

  2. Rediff WebinMail

Flexible Eclipse

Flex SDK is Free & Open Source but Flex Builder is neither free nor open source.

I googled if there is any way to use Flex SDK with Eclipse (because Flex Builder is built on Eclipse too) for development purpose.I found 2 useful results; Of course I haven’t tried yet.


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