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Holi – color-full festival

Let’s play Holi the Mozilla way…..

Let’s see the colors of the world from an eye of Mozilla (Firefox)

Let’s greet by a postman from Mozilla (Thunderbird)


Let’s play Holi in simple, safe way….. with only gulaal, no artificial color / paint.

WebApp wrapper – Mozilla Prism

Recently, I come to know a new project by Mozilla Labs – Named as Mozilla Prism

I am really impressed with the idea that started the project. These days, of course, slowly, desktop applications are being replaced by web applications. Still, internet connectivity is nightmare at some places. If this limitation is overcome, I guess future is web applications!

I have also experimented with Mozilla Firefox – about the plug-ins. There is a rich set of useful add-ons for your specific requirement. Platform (hardware & OS) may not be in consideration once we are used to with webApps.

Yes, Prism is on the way too. It basically frames particular URL, that provide webapp and make you feel like a desktop application, although it is using resources from URL you specified. (more on http://labs.mozilla.com/2007/10/prism/)

I have created simple shortcut for GMail, now although I use the webmail it gives feeling as if it were a desktop client. Of course, AJAX also plays important role for ‘my feelings’!

Here we go… http://labs.mozilla.com/projects/prism/

Security Tip : Prism is not sharing Mozilla Firefox or any other browser’s resources. So it hides history, passwords, cookies & session too. So I feel it quite secure. GMail opened with Prism won’t keep its session available for Firefox too.

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