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Moon Mission

This weekend, Saturday night a sudden power failure in our area stopped many activities, but gave me a chance. Moisture in air drove everybody to go on terrace. Suddenly an idea clicked in my mind to have photography experiment on my dad’s Nikon D60 DSLR camera.

Full moon gave another opportunity. Here are few results….

Once again...

Once again...

Moon with co-star, photo taken with improper settings led to the blur photograph.

Not bad

Not bad

Good photo with co-star far away, but acceptable result and concentration.

I felt this photo best – it has a costar visible, rough surface on moon (no Hubble telescope is used! :p), sharpness is at expectedly best level.

Mission accomplished!

Digital v/s Optical zoom

Today we are crazy about gadgets. But very few of us know very few of true features and manipulated features.

PMPO is a buzzword for hype. Actual measure of an audio system (or hi-fi system) should be considered in RMS watts, not PMPO. We are attractive to high figures of PMPO.

Similar is the case with zoom – enlargement.

Today a lot many varieties available for different ranges of digital cameras, even shopkeepers are unknown to the basic difference between digital and optical zoom.

Many articles are available on internet to clarify difference.

However recently I had gone through an advertisement by famous camera brand Olympus. This will probably be like a picture is equals thousands of words!

Optical Zoom

Optical Zoom

So, the basic difference is that when you say digital zoom, it means that the picture has that much depth – in other words, you can enlarge them up to certain limit after taking photo, using some software. Lesser the digital zoom, lower will be the quality of image after enlargement. In short this is considerable factor after picture is stored. For more clarity just remember those attempts when you tried to make a big picture from a small photo using some software. And you perhaps end up with blur image with large size. Pixel (no of horizontal & vertical lines in a frame) is the measure for that.

On other hand, optical zoom has relation with the moment when you want to take picture. Higher zoom gives you benefit of taking photo from higher distance.

Also, too high range is not always good. It may happen that you fail up on your own camera when you want to cover a wide (not far!) area with close distance.

DSLR (digital SLR) or SLR camera is a type of camera that really teaches and shows real photography skills. Every minute and manual setting is possible – whether its aperture or shutter speed or even flash light effects at some extent, focal distance and many more….!

My father is learning how to operate and play with his newly purchased D60 from Nikon. I hope and wish to learn after he gets good grip over it. 🙂

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