Fantastic trip to Jambughoda

Before quite some time, I had made a plan to visit Jambughoda, along with cousins for the holidays of 15th and 16th August.

I was not well one day before, so was in confusion about the plan. But everything went almost on track and we were on track to Jambughoda, about 190 Kilometers away from Ahmedabad.

Before checking in to the booked palace hotel, we went to Kadaa, a natural dam. This place is close to our destination and provides good stay. But we came to know about the place late, had no booking!

The destination – Jambughoda, is the palace of the Ranas. Apart from historic values, the hotel turned palace is great place with pleasant atmosphere, greenery all around. Basically, the locality too is a part of forest, so is rich of trees, different species of insects!!

A 10 Kilometers place, Jhand Hanuman appears to be a great attraction to devotees. Of course, the way to reach there is roller coaster journey.

We learnt that we should be familiar with local language, of the place to visit. Asking for direction and stay to local public, we could not fetch proper information, because we were going to stay in Raj Darbar!!

Dining experience at the palace hotel was not at all good, or perhaps we expected something great! Of course, by other opinions from past visitor, I can assume that the cook was under training and was experimenting on us!! 😀
We discovered a near by town, Badoli is a good place to eat around.

Proper trained staff and management at the palace hotel can fetch more fame. However, overall hospitality was good. And, stay in forest can perhaps not be better than this.

Selected pics are here.

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