Bhai Sahab Nahi Lagega

It has been never forgetful experience since we have / had subscribed BSNL services. Whether it’s mobile or Internet (Broadband – rarely on!).

Therefore we pronounce full form of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited as Bhai Sahab Nahi Lagegaa (Sir, It won’t get connected)!!

Although it is the pioneer behind all telecommunication services, I guess the management needs to be improved, learn something from others.

Although it has wide (or perhaps most) coverage in all senses, it’s not being utilised.

Recently the management has appointed third parties for their services and fault resolution for broadband. However, due to lack of power, those third parties seem helpless. The higher management is still the same one. Of course, it’s not that BSNL does not have skilled manpower. My personal experience with higher level personel is quite good.

Many times mobile network of BSNL gets congusted, you cannot reach a person even in case of emergency. Internet services had been quiet good few months back. But now a days they have sever technical issue that has not been solved yet. Almost every 5 minute, the Broadband service (DataOne) gets disconnected or very slow like dial-up and reconnected! Accroding to TRAI, it is not true Broadband – always on.

I just hope for better management so that we feel pround of an truely Indian (yes 100% Indian) service provider with maximum privillages!

  1. आपकी कोशिश बहुत बढिया! बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद
    ज़रा मेरी सुनेंगे ? आज ईश्वर को मानते तो सब हैं परन्तु पहचानते बहुत कम लोग हैं हमारी रचना क्यों हुई ? हम धरती पर क्यों आए ? हमें कहाँ जाना है ? क्या सब धर्म बराबर है ? क्या ईश्वर अवतार लेता है ? मुक्ति कहाँ है ? कल्कि अवतार कौन हैं ? हमारा वास्तविक धर्म क्या था ? इत्यादि प्रश्नों का उत्तर जानने के इच्छुक हैं तो इस ब्लौग का अवश्य अध्ययन करें। धन्यवाद

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